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Expert interview



A domain expert can put you on the right track when you enter a new domain or field of expertise. The expert can recommend sources, give you a sense of direction or point out common pitfalls.


Find an expert who is willing to talk to you about the problem and arrange an interview.


  • An expert in your problem domain.
  • A realistic sense about what experts can and cannot offer.
  • The right questions to ask.
  • An open mind, so the expert can also bring in their own topics.
  • Interviewing techniques.

In practice

Expert interviews are a common method for getting a grip on a new problem area that you are not familiar with. Because experts can draw on their own experience, the information they provide may be more relevant than information you can gather from literature.

Phase(s) of use

In the following project phase(s) expert interview can be used:

  • Analysis