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To find new solutions, be able to try them out quickly and involve many people in your challenge.


Several teams focus completely on your problem each deliver a minimal viable product (MVP) after a set period of time. Having the opportunity to engage fully in their own solution to your problem teams are motivated to make the most out of the limited time. And this gives you an opportunity to compare different options.


  • A well-defined problem to work with.
  • Teams that are interested in solving your problem with their own ideas.
  • The opportunity to compare the different MVPs.

In practice

Hackathons are typically organized by problem owners that want to use the creativity of teams of people, often with different backgrounds. To motivate the teams, awards are available for the MVPs that the organizers or a jury consider to be the most promosign. After the hackathon, the best MVPs can be developed further.

Phase(s) of use

In the following project phase(s) hackathon can be used:

  • Analysis